Cerradura electr├│nica

Smart locks for tourist apartments

We only install motorized smart locks with the guarantee of the main international manufacturers: Tesa - Assa Abloy and Salto Systems.

It allows 24/7 entry to your accommodation and guarantees guests that only they can access it during their stay. More comfort and more security = Better evaluations.

Hoomvip's integrated solution with the best smart locks is the ideal system to manage and monitor access to your accommodation.

Hoomvip allows you to give third parties access to a home remotely and securely, through a permission management system through the internet.

This system has advantages for the owner and the guest:

Manager / Owner: you can remotely and securely manage access to your apartments via online, both at the apartment's entrance door and at the portal or main door of the building.

Guest: total flexibility in the hours of entry and exit by opening through the Hoomvip app. More security due to the possibility of duplicate keys.

Main features of smart apartment access locks:

  • Remote opening from anywhere with Internet connection
  • Dual motorized cylinder: Electronic and conventional key.
  • It only involves replacing the existing mechanical cylinder. It does not require any type of door machining or wiring for installation.
  • Smart Lock not evident from the outside. Apparently it is a conventional key lock.
  • Motorized Locks: The door automatically locks when you exit.
  • You can continue to unlock, if you wish.

Opening of the main door of the building

It opens remotely and allows guests to enter the building gate through their mobile phone.

System that allows opening without the need for any type of installation or manipulation of the main door lock, thus avoiding having to ask permission from the neighborhood community.

It only involves a simple installation of the opening device inside the apartment.
We open all kinds of systems: analog, digital and video door entry phones.

Unlike other existing solutions, our system is invisible and we do not install a "box" next to the phone.

If you have an entire tourist accommodation building, it is not necessary to install a portal opening system in each apartment


Not all electronic locks are created equal

If a theft occurs in one of your accommodations and the door has not been fully bolted, the insurance company will not take over as it is considered a "theft", not a "theft".

The only thing that guarantees you to have the door completely closed, is to install a motorized intelligent lock that locks all the bolts automatically when it detects that the door is closed.

In the market there are many types of electronic locks, wrongly called "smart".

Not all locks are valid to install in tourist accommodation, neither for security nor for quality.

cerraduras motorizadas

Smart security locks

-Motorized: opens and closes the bolts automatically.
-No installation or wiring.
-Electronic or conventional key opening.
-Not visible from the outside.
-High security cylinder.
-Valid system for exterior doors.


Electronic knob cylinde

-Not motorized. Just close the door slip.
-Only electronic opening.
-Visible from the outside.
-It's not a security lock.
-Invalid system for exterior doors. Valid for interior doors such as offices or me

cerradero el├ęctrico

Electric door opener

-Not motorized. Just close the slip.
-Requires to pocket the door frame and wire.
-Electronic or keyed opening.
-If the bolt is closed by key, the electronic opening is canceled.
-Not visible from the outside.
-No type of security.
-It is not a Smart Lock.
-System valid for housing portals, not for main dwelling doors