Control Energético

Energy Control

Automating the on and off of the air conditioning and lighting and controlling the temperature of your accommodation reverts to greater comfort for your guests and less energy expenditure

More than 60% of the electricity consumption in homes corresponds to the air conditioning system. Percentage that rises considerably in tourist homes due to inappropriate use, since guests do not have to pay for energy consumption.

By installing energy control systems, we can reduce the consumption of air conditioning devices by up to 30% and extend their life.

Unlike other systems, we do not automatically turn off the air conditioning equipment when guests are not in the accommodation, since recovering the temperature of a room requires much higher energy consumption than keeping it in "Eco" mode, it wears out the machines more and negatively affects the comfort of guests.

We also do not turn off the air conditioning by cutting off the power supply, this can cause major breakdowns in the system. We turn the A / C on and off as if it were done with the remote control or the center console.

Through the Hoomvip management panel, we can program the automatic shutdown of the air conditioning and / or lights when guests leave the room or turn it on before new guests enter.

System available for central air conditioning systems through ducts and for independent splits.

Smart Energy Control

At Hoomvip, we offer all the necessary devices to be able to remotely and automatically control the temperature of the room and turn the air conditioning and / or lights on and off depending on the dates and times of check in and check out.

Improve the comfort of your guests while achieving optimal use of air conditioning.

  • Total remote control of air conditioning and lights: On, off, status, temperature, mode, intensity, ...
  • Automatic ignition scheduling prior to guest arrival
  • Automatic shutdown after check out time
  • Temperature range limitation for optimal consumption