Remote management
of tourist accommodation

Hoomvip is the only solution that brings together all the technological tools necessary to be able to automate 100% and remotely the management of all types of tourist accommodation: Smart locks, Auto Check In, Energy Control, management panel for owners and App for guests.

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Full Management with "Zero Contact"

Allowing your guests to access their accommodation without having to do the face-to-face check in, improves their experience and security.

Offering free access 24/7 allows you to generate more last minute reservations and that your accommodations are positioned in the search engine for business travelers on platforms such as Airbnb and Booking

Hoomvip Cerraduras Electrónicas

Keyless access

Smart locks: opening with the mobile, remote and with a conventional key.

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Hoomvip check in

Auto Check In

It allows the guest to check in and sign the travelers part through their mobile phone.

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Hoomvip Control Energético

Energy Control

Improve the comfort of your guests while achieving a responsible use of energy.

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Hoomvip App

Guest App

An App with everything you need for your guests to be autonomous during their stay.

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We don't

just opendoors

With Hoomvip you will have integrated all the necessary tools to automate the check-in process 100%, without having to hire anything else.

We are not just an app to open doors.

Everything are advantages

Discover everything you can get if you trust Hoomvip to manage your tourist accommodation.

+ Security

Guarantee your guests that only they can access their accommodation during their stay. Forget about duplicate keys.

+ Income

Offer and sell plans and services to your guests through the app and generate significant sales commissions.

+ Cost Savings

Save time and money on trips for check ins and control the energy consumption of lights and air conditioning.

+ Reservations

Get more last minute reservations allowing free access 24/7 and position your accommodation for business travelers.

+ Comfort

Receiving your guests with the lights on and at the right temperature is a very good welcome.

+ Control

Control who and when you access the accommodation: Guests, managers, cleaning and maintenance personnel...

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Cerradura electrónica

Smart lock and access to the main door of the building

The best Smart Locks on the market

We only install motorized smart security locks with the guarantee of the main international manufacturers: Tesa - Assa Abloy and Salto Systems.

  • Remote opening from anywhere with Internet connection
  • Allow your guests to enter the apartment and the portal through their mobile phone.
  • It allows access to the building without the need for any type of installation or manipulation of the portal lock.
  • Smart Lock not evident from the outside. Apparently it is a conventional key lock.
  • Easy installation on existing doors, even armored. Without drilling and without cable
  • Motorized Locks: The door automatically locks when you exit.
  • You can continue to unlock, if you wish.

Auto Check In

Allows guests to check in through their mobile phones

According to the Organic Law 1/1992, of February 21, on Protection of Citizen Security, in Spain, all hospitality establishments have the obligation to keep a book-register of travelers. Any person over the age of sixteen, staying in one of those establishments, must sign an entry ticket. Said parties must be sent daily to the corresponding state security forces.

Failure to comply with this law can have fines of up to € 30,000.

Consult the legislation of your country, in case you are going to install HOOMVIP outside of Spain

  • Auto check in with identity documents and passports
  • Validity of documents
  • Biometric facial recognition
  • Traveler's Party Signature
  • Generation of files with input parts
  • Automatic shipment of parts to the security forces of each country
  • Get the personal email of all guests
  • Ensures that all guests check in correctly and thus comply with regulations
Hoomvip firma
manejo de software

Management Software

A powerful and intuitive management panel from which you can take all the remote control of your tourist accommodation:

  • Remote opening
  • Automatic sending of guest codes
  • Generation and dispatch of passenger parts
  • User management: managers, cleaning and maintenance
  • Remote control of air conditioning and / or lights
  • Sending alerts to managers: downloaded app, complete check ins, battery status of locks, guests in accommodation...
  • App content management: Welcome, how it works, house rules, recommendations...
  • Access control: who and when have accessed the accommodation
  • Booking planning
  • Adaptable to computer, mobile and tablet

Energy Control

At Hoomvip, we offer all the necessary devices to be able to remotely and automatically control the temperature of the room and turn the air conditioning and / or lights on and off depending on the dates and times of check in and check out.

Improve the comfort of your guests while achieving optimal use of air conditioning.

  • Total remote control of air conditioning and lights: On, off, status, temperature, mode, intensity,...
  • Automatic ignition scheduling prior to guest arrival
  • Automatic shutdown after check out time
  • Temperature range limitation for optimal consumption
Control energético hoomvip

Generate more income with your accommodations

With Hoomvip, you not only manage to save costs in managing check ins and energy consumption, you can also increase reservations and increase your income by selling plans and services to your guests

You will get 8% commission on all the services that your guests hire through the app: transport, excursions, free tours, activities, tickets,...

If you already have a plan sales platform, you can include it within the Hoomvip app.


Guest App

A mobile application with everything necessary for your guests to be completely autonomous during their stay.

  • Main Door opening and accommodation
  • Auto Check In with traveler's signature
  • Accommodation information in video, photos and text: Welcome, How it works, House rules
  • Book of plans and services: Transfers, excursions, activities, ticket sales, ...
  • Tourist information of the city ordered by geolocation
  • Interactive map: How to get to my accommodation and what's around me
  • Recommended places to visit around me
  • Information of interest: police, fire, hospitals, embassies, emergencies, public transport, ...
  • Notifications

How does it work

It's that easy to automate the remote management of your tourist accommodation.


1. Create reservations

Manual Reservations

Quickly create a reservation from your computer or mobile phone. You just have to indicate the name, email, date and time of check in and check out and number of adult guests.

Automatic Reservations

Connect Hoomvip with your Channel Manager and automatically dump all the reservations generated through Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo, Expedia, ... Ask us about our integration API and about the PMS and Channel Managers that we have integrated.


2. Generation of Guest Codes

Automatic Email

The system automatically generates and sends an email with the app download link, the guest code and the address of the accommodation.

Customizable Mail

The email can be personalized with the image, logo, colors and sender of your company.

Check in

3. Check In

Register of Travelers

Guests can perform the Auto Check In from their mobile phones. The system requests the registration and signature of all persons over the age of 16. The veracity of the document and the identity of the guests are validated by facial biometry.

Automatic Parts Shipping

On the Check In date, the travelers' reports are automatically generated and sent to the State Security Forces: National Police, Civil Guard, Mossos de Escuadra and Ertzaintza.

Cerraduras Electrónicas

4. Access to Accommodation

Keyless access

Guests can access their accommodation without the need for keys, being able to open the doors of the building and apartments or rooms from their mobile phones.

Guest App

In addition, in the Hoomvip application, they can consult all the necessary information to be completely autonomous during the stay and enjoy the destination.


If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Our smart locks can be installed on any door that has a European profile cylinder. We simply replace the existing cylinder with the electronic lock. In order to open the portal, you only need a telephone that works correctly inside the house.

No, the system offered by Hoomvip does not require any installation outside the apartment itself.
The openings are made from inside the house. Not having so having the approval of the community of neighbors.

Yes, a file per accommodation is generated daily with all the validated data of the guests. On the date of check in, said file is automatically sent to the Police.In the Hoomvip management panel, all generated parts are stored with their corresponding number and signature.

Yes, to install the Hoomvip keyless opening system, it is not necessary to make any modification to the door of the accommodation or the portal. Also, no specific wiring is done. If you stop managing a tourist apartment, it can be easily disassembled and installed in a new apartment.

Not all, which is why the locks chosen by Hoomvip, are manufactured by leading companies in the manufacture of locks such as TESA ASSA ABLOY and SALTO SYSTEM. What guarantees maximum security and the best after-sales service.

No. Turning off the power supply to an air conditioning system breaks the appliance. Our system works the same as it would with the remote control.

Yes, to be able to open the doors with your mobile or remotely and automate the air conditioning, you need to have an internet connection, either by cable or Wi-Fi.

If you don't have an internet connection, we can supply you with a 4G modem. You will only need a data card.

All that you want. Hoomvip is a solution that completely covers the needs from an owner who wants to manage his accommodation himself to large managers who have hundreds of properties in their portfolio.


From individual owners to large tourist accommodation managers, they trust Hoomvip to automate the check-in process and to control energy and access and their accommodation


Nobody better than our clients and friends to value as Hoomvip has contributed to improving the management of their tourist accommodation.

Image Gallery

We show you some accommodations with automated check in by Hoomvip

Do you have a Hotel?

Hoomvip is a system designed for the specific needs of tourist apartments, hostels, rural houses and pensions.

For large hotels or hotel chains, find out about our Hotelvip APP


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Hoomvip rates vary depending on the number of accommodations to manage. If you want to receive a personalized quote, write us indicating the number of accommodation, how many doors you need to open and if you want to control the air conditioning and / or lights.


Basic Kit

Opening Accommodation


  • Home automation gateway
  • Motorized smart lock
  • Door Sensor


Full Kit

Main Door Opening and Accommodation


  • Home automation gateway
  • Main door opening module
  • Motorized smart lock
  • Door Sensor


Energy Control


  • Climate Control
  • For central A/C or Split
  • It requires a gateway. Not included


  • Lighting control
  • It requires a gateway. Not included


Monthly Leave



  • Access Control
  • Full auto check in
  • Guest App
  • Responsive management panel
  • Energy Control