The most complete application for your guests to be autonomous + The most powerful software for managing your tourist apartments + The best electronic locks on the market.

The easiest and most economical way to manage your homes for tourist use:
Cost savings in travel for key delivery and check-in.
Complies with travelers regulations.
All integrated management.
Maximum security and comfort for your guests.

You will be a 5 star host

Access control

Allow 24-hour access to your guests to the main gate and the apartment from their mobile phones

Guest ID

Validate your client’s documentation and identity through biometrics for check in and fraud preventio

Plans and services

Improve the experience of your guests by offering the best plans

Destination Information

Offer your guests the best information about tourist and interesting places, ordered by geolocation


app apartamentos turísticos

Accommodation Information

Welcome, rules, operation … It offers all the information in video and in all languages

Energy Control

Save costs by controlling the energy consumption and air conditioning of your accommodation


Communicate with your guest by sending automated or personalized notifications


Recommend to your guests the best places and activities in the destination



Allow access to your tourist apartment to whoever you want and whenever you want. You will not return keys.


Managing your tourist accommodation has never been easier. You can do it from anywhere with your mobile or computer.


Eliminate expenses for each check in. You will earn more money and give a better service.


Offering the best service you will retain your guests and get the best rating on the reservation websites.


With the best smart lock on the market. With the guarantee of Tesa – Assa Abloy and its 75 years of experience.


Automatically program welcome and farewell messages for your guests.


Save time and money on trips to receive and deliver the keys to your guests.


Total control of access to accommodation: Guests, managers, cleaning and maintenance staff…


With the guarantee of TESA ASSA ABLOY,
leader in door opening solutions

Allow your guests to enter the apartment and the portal through their mobile phone.

It allows access to the building without any installation or manipulation in the portal lock.
It only implies a simple installation of the opening device inside the apartment

Cerradura inteligente

The integrated ENTR solution of TESA ASSA ABLOY, is the ideal system to manage and monitor the accesses of your apartment

The integrated ENTR solution of TESA ASSA ABLOY allows third-party access to a home remotely and securely, through a permit management system through the internet. This system has advantages for the owner and the guest.

Manager/Owner: you can remotely and securely manage access to your apartments via online, both at the entrance door of the apartment and the portal or main door of the building.

Guest: total flexibility in the hours of entry and exit through opening through the Hoomvip app.

Main features of the smart apartment access lock:

-Dual motorized cylinder: Electronic and conventional key.
-It only implies the replacement of the existing mechanical cylinder. It does not require any type of door machining or wiring for installation.
-Unique Smart Lock system not evident from the outside. Apparently it is a conventional key lock.
-Improve the security of your door.
-Only enter who you want.
-Easy installation in existing doors, even armored. Without drilling and without wires.
-The door automatically locks when you leave and will notify you if it stays open.
-You can continue to unlock, if you wish.
-Battery power easily rechargeable.

24-hour technical service every day of the week

Why have we chosen Tesa’s smart lock solution?

Comparative Smart Locks

TESA ENTR ™ lock

  • It is the only system that does not present evidence of electronic lock from outside the home.
  • It can be opened using the Hoomvip app, remotely, with a conventional key and remote control.
  • It is a system that allows motorizing both opening and closing. In addition to doing it remotely, it allows you to configure it so that it does so automatically when you close the door without worrying about throwing the key.
  • The ENTR ™ mechanical cylinder is a T60 safety cylinder from TESA ASSA ABLOY.
  • Communication with the Hoomvip app is protected by the high security encryption algorithm AES-128.

Other smart locks

  • The knob cylinder is not a recommended product for exterior doors, much less for a house. It is made for placement in interior doors that require a much lower level of security.
  • Evidence from the outside that there is something installed, so it gives clues to a possible intruder.
  • It is very exposed to a breakage attack, since it does not have a security shield installed, so its structure stands out considerably.
  • It is 100% electronic, allowing its opening only with the mobile or with an RFID proximity card.
  • They are not motorized, so in case the tenant closes the door simply by pulling it (only with the slip) it is necessary to turn the knob in person to close the door completely and safely.


Cerradura inteligente

Door opening

By installing the portal opening system from inside the accommodation and the integrated ENTR solution from TESA ASSA ABLOY you can allow access to your tourist apartment to whoever you want and whenever you want.

Through your management panel you can control the status of the door, create permissions and close or open it remotely.

Check in

You need to take your guest data to comply with the regulations of travelers, filling in the lease and the police file. We are the only valid solution since we validate the documentation and send it automatically.

The guest scans their documentation on both sides with the mobile camera and a selfie is taken with the front camera. If the document is authentic and the photo taken corresponds to the photo of the documentation, the app automatically dumps all the data.

Totally secure system. Used in hotels, banking and financial institutions.


Accommodation and destination information

Your guest arrives tired and the last thing he wants is for you to tell him how things work or what is around

Through the app, you can offer your tenant all the information in text and video format with automatic translation system, so that he can consult it at the time he needs it.

The accommodation information can be managed through your owner panel. For tourist and destination information, we take care of you to make your job easier and give you the best servic


More about Hoomvip

Sergio Gil
CEO & Co-Founder Hoomvip
Miguel Encinas
CMO & Co-Founder Hoomvip

What kind of documents are valid for check in?

Any type of identity document: ID, and passport.

Do I need to have internet connection in my accommodation?

In order to open the portal door, remotely manage the opening of the apartment and monitor the noise, it is necessary to have Wi-Fi. If there is no internet connection, a 4G modem can be installed.

Do my guests have to use mobile data from their terminals?

To open the door of the building from the street, it is necessary that your guests have an internet connection. This is not a problem, since the consumption of data for the opening of the portal is minimal, and as of June 2017 roaming disappears in Europe.

Is a smart lock safe?

The lock chosen by Hoomvip, is manufactured by a leading company in the manufacture of locks such as TESA ASSA ABLOY, with 75 years of experience in the sector. This guarantees maximum security and the best after sales service.

Is it possible to see an electronic lock from outside my accommodation?

No, unlike other solutions on the market, the TESA ASSA ABLOY smart lock is apparently a conventional key lock from outside the home.

Do I have to install something on the portal to open the door of the building?

No, the system offered by Hoomvip does not require any installation outside the apartment itself. Not having to have the approval of the community of neighbors.

How many apartments can I manage with Hoomvip?

All you want through your management panel.


Pricing Plans

$29 Per Month
5 Personal Site
5GB Storage
20 Web Pages
$39 Per Month
10 Personal Site
10GB Storage
50 Web Pages
$99 Per Month
Unlimited Private Sites
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Web Pages


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